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The Band was born in June 2013 and has been working with an incredible energy ever since. The goal from the beginning was to combine classical rock music with influences ranging from blues to heavy metal into one genre. That’s how the typical Jay Bow sound came to be. The band is characterized by a lot of power and emotion during their live performances, as well as its conquest of big stages such as Planet TT Bank Austria Halle in the Gasometer, the ((szene)) Wien, the Prater Open Air, as well as the Donauinselfest and Jägermeister Rockgarage at Nova Rock. Jay Bow’s latest performance, however, was the absolute highlight of the band’s young history. Jay Bow recently rocked the Stage as a part of the Red Bull Music Soundclash with The BossHoss. In the sold-out Marx Halle Vienna, the 6500 euphoric fans were blown away. Music has been and remains the Journey into the unknown, and Jay Bow’s adventure will continue with pure dedication, with the support of their fans.

Rainer Schumich


Alex Kukic


Ivan Pop Boškić


Dubravko Laco

Jay Bow Ex-Members


Vasif Tadjic


Vedad Živojević

About Jay Bow

The Jay Bow Story… It was an ordinary day on 21st of june, 2013. One phone call was enough to start one extraordinary journey. „Shall we make music together?“ was the question and the answer was simple, „Hell yeah!“. Soon all the pieces of the puzzle came together and Jay Bow was born ...


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