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Jay Bow @ RSL Production Studio

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Dear Jay Bro's and friends,

What a great weekend behind us... Finally, Jay Bow lost virginity at RSL Production Studio in Novo Mesto (Slo). Our baby will hopefully come in a few weeks (fast and efficient pregnancy), until then check out great moments that our friend Thomas Schmid from Memories and Emotions Photography has captured.

PS: thanks to RSL Production Studio crew, especially to Bojan "the kidney boy" and Mrs. Mojca.

PS2: Big thanks to our master of potentiometers and buttons, bellowed friend Zoran Jurisic (aka Marthin Klein) from MK Mastering, who helped us a lot.

Much, much love ...

Jay Bow

About Jay Bow

The Jay Bow Story… It was an ordinary day on 21st of june, 2013. One phone call was enough to start one extraordinary journey. „Shall we make music together?“ was the question and the answer was simple, „Hell yeah!“. Soon all the pieces of the puzzle came together and Jay Bow was born ...


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