of the Planet Festival Tour 2017

Henrici, Nova Rock and Wedding

Ladies & Gents, dear Friends & Jay Bro´s!We´re alive and ready to rock! This week will be very demanding and exciting at the same time for us. Starting on tomorrow at Restaurant Henrici Eisenstadt in front of the Schloss Esterházy . Jay Bow will go back to the roots and…

****** Jay Bow @ Nova Rock 2018 ******

Dear Friends and Jay Bro's, we are extremely proud to announce that this year Jay Bow will performe at NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL (Jägermeister Rock Garage)!

1st Vienna Rock Marathon @ Aera

Dear Friends and Jay Bro's, it's been a long weekend, hard but heavy, and it took us a while to take a breath. We are very proud that we participated in 1st Vienna Rock Marathon,

Vazmeni Tanac @ KUGA

Dear friends and Jay Bro's, it was a huge pleasure to perform last night in KUGA Großwarasdorf/Veliki Borištof at Vazmeni TANAC - Ostertanz.

Jay Bow rocked the Rock Chaos Party at Loop Wien

Here are some moments of that nice & enjoyable evening ... Looking forward to Rock again! Much Love Jay Bow

Love will set you free - Cooming Soon

Dear Friends & Jay Bro´s! Let´s close one door and open new one... Let´s forget bad moments and celebrate good ones... Let´s forgive to be forgiven... Let the good Times Rock... "Love will set you free" is our upcoming single and it´s like a small announcement for our 1st Album…
Prince of darkness - Live @ Szene Wien Prince of darkness - Live @ Szene Wien

Hey all ya out there! Time has come for 3rd in the "Live at Szene" line, Prince of Darkness... It´s a different story than the last 2 Songs we played! The same Team is responsible for the Job that was made and again we´re thankful & grateful. This is not the end, it will be the long, joyful & heavy Road! Ladies & Gentleman meet the Prince of Darkness!The Song was recorded live at Szene Wien in SemiFinals, 3.2.2017. As always THANK to our Jay Bro´s & Friends, Kiwisound, Zoran Jurisic & Thomas Schmid. Lyrics & Music: Ivan Pop Boskic | Arrangement: Jay Bow | Live recording: Kiwisound | Production & Mix: Ivan Pop Boskic, Studio "96" | Mastering: Zoran Jurisic, MK Mastering |Video: Thomas Schmid, Memories & Emotions Photography

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