of the Planet Festival Tour 2017


of the Planet Festival Tour 2017

Jay Bow rocked the Rock Chaos Party at Loop Wien

Here are some moments of that nice & enjoyable evening ... Looking forward to Rock again! Much Love Jay Bow

Love will set you free - Cooming Soon

Dear Friends & Jay Bro´s! Let´s close one door and open new one... Let´s forget bad moments and celebrate good ones... Let´s forgive to be forgiven... Let the good Times Rock... "Love will set you free" is our upcoming single and it´s like a small announcement for our 1st Album…

Jay Bow says Hallelujah

Dear Friends & Jay Bro´s! This Year is almost gone like a cold Winter´s breeze, but we´re ready to step into a new one with arms wide open. There are so many great moments behind us ...This is our tribute for this amazing Year, Hallelujah.

Jay Bow @ RSL Production Studio

Dear Jay Bro's and friends, What a great weekend behind us... Finally, Jay Bow lost virginity at RSL Production Studio in Novo Mesto (Slo). Our baby will hopefully come in a few weeks (fast and efficient pregnancy), until then check out great moments that our friend Thomas Schmid from Memories…

Cil City waren mit Pflichttermin und Jay Bow im Aera

Und wieder geht eine Saison in der Wiener Hardrockszene zu Ende. Das inzwischen schon zur fixen Institution gewordene Season Final von Cil City im Aera ging am Freitag, dem 3. November 2017, über die Bühne. Mit dabei waren Pflichttermin und Jay Bow.

Pure Energie auf der Bühne

Indeed, it is always the pure energy & adrenaline on the stage... Thanks to Conny Sellner & Arnold Burghardt for this great interview and pics, our friends at Soundproof Entertainment & Damman Gwenael for making music at their place as well!!!

Well, hello. Bonjour. Salut. Servus.

Music describes what words can´t say! Love for music brought us together! Welcome to our journey! Welcome to official Jay Bow website!

Prince of darkness - Live @ Szene Wien Prince of darkness - Live @ Szene Wien

Hey all ya out there! Time has come for 3rd in the "Live at Szene" line, Prince of Darkness... It´s a different story than the last 2 Songs we played! The same Team is responsible for the Job that was made and again we´re thankful & grateful. This is not the end, it will be the long, joyful & heavy Road! Ladies & Gentleman meet the Prince of Darkness!The Song was recorded live at Szene Wien in SemiFinals, 3.2.2017. As always THANK to our Jay Bro´s & Friends, Kiwisound, Zoran Jurisic & Thomas Schmid. Lyrics & Music: Ivan Pop Boskic | Arrangement: Jay Bow | Live recording: Kiwisound | Production & Mix: Ivan Pop Boskic, Studio "96" | Mastering: Zoran Jurisic, MK Mastering |Video: Thomas Schmid, Memories & Emotions Photography

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